Our approach stems from learning more and more about client business.


We think to strategize and plan to achieve goals. We think for your business.


We deliver by collaborating with the right people for the job, to bring you results.

Consulting @WEBKOLA!

“As some ancient wise (person) put it, ‘If it was easy to do, somebody would have already done it.’ Breaking new ground is hard, hard work.” - Charles Kepner

Webkola’s IT Product Consulting Service is exclusively available to IT Entrepreneurs. Webkola.com follows Charles Kepner’s unique Problem Solving and Decision Making approach to help IT entrepreneurs resolve their strategic, marketing and management challenges that are faced while pushing IT Products through development to launch, marketing and brand management stages. With a combined IT Marketing experience of 20 years, Webkola! helps IT Entrepreneurs to turn their product ideas into success in a systematized fashion.





IT Product Consulting Services


Product Launch Management

“Ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is all that matters”. And the reason for that is even the greatest ideas in human history ‘evolved’ – adapted to conditions – to emerge and succeed. Webkola guides you on managing a successful product launch.


Product Marketing Management

It’s not just your product, it’s your marketing and branding that assist in creating better market response. And that is achievable through killer marketing and brand strategies! @Webkola! we help you devise and execute marketing strategies with success.


Online Business Management

Managing an online business to success requires a structured approach, just like any successful business. But many e-businesses find it difficult due to fast-changing trends and fragile workforce environments over the internet. Webkola helps internet entrepreneurs deploy structures for sustainability and growth.


CSR & Leadership Positioning

Your CSR isn’t only a platform to support a cause and save taxes but it also provides you with a great opportunity to add a leadership flavor to your entrepreneurial success! Webkola loves to help entrepreneurs to achieve leadership positions in their respective regions and before global audiences.

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what we can guarantee

100% Systematization

Streamlined product & marketing management

Structured Management

Plan, organize, lead & control with ease!

Priority Wise

You learn to manage priority wise

Time Wise

You learn to manage in a timely fashion

Risk Wise

Risk management w.r.t. priority & urgency

Strategic Thinking

Improved strategic thinking skills


Improved management performance

Global Teams

Structured teams for global delivery model

Better Results

Decreased costs / improved profitability

why customers us!

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Consulting Questions Asked?

"We are stuck in development phase, can you do some help?"

Yes. We have resolved such scenarios where the management found it very hard to push their IT products through development. We helped them launch their products with 100% success. We can assist you as well.

"What kind of results you will deliver as consultant?"

Webkola will deliver a systematized process that you will handle with ease to manage your marketing effectively. In our short review of your marketing we have observed that a good marketing strategy is restrained by inadequate marketing communications and decentralized marketing systems.

"There are loads of marketing agencies, why should I hire you?"

Webkoa is a product marketing company with a consulting approach. We resolve product and marketing challenges that our clients face during the process of launching a new product or business. Our service includes 1) systemizing their product launch and 2) marketing their products to achieve visibility and market traction. So, we are not just another marketing agency.

"What's your approach for business problem solving?"

Webkola follows Charles Kepner’s Problem Solving and Decision Making approach to help entrepreneurs resolve their strategic and operational challenges related to product, marketing and online business management.

"How much do you charge for your services?"

We work on project and hourly basis, depending upon the project size and requirements. However, the pricing varies as per the type of assistance required. Please share your project details and we will get back to you.