Our approach stems from learning more and more about client business.


We think to strategize and plan to achieve goals. We think for your business.


We deliver by collaborating with the right people for the job, to bring you results.

IT Product Marketing Services

why customers us!

Two routes to IT marketing @WEBKOLA!

From strategy to automation End-to-End
    • Strategy and Planning.
    • Campaign Design, Setup and Testing.
    • Campaign Launch and Automation.
Standard Service.
Hourly Marketing Assistance Be Selective
    • Market Research / Business Planning / Campaign Setup
    • Search Marketing / Content Marketing / Followup Marketing
    • PR Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Ads Campaign / SEO
Selective Support.

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Marketing Questions Asked?

"What are your expertise in IT Marketing?"

We have our expertise in IT Marketing including strategy and product branding, social media marketing, CRM implementation and email marketing, PR marketing, affiliate marketing, Ads campaigns/PPC, SEO and content marketing. We often start with strategy formulation and business planning. However, we are open to tailor our services as per client needs.

"There are loads of marketing agencies, why should I hire you?"

Webkoa is a product marketing company with a consulting approach. We resolve product and marketing challenges that our clients face during the process of launching a new product or business. Our service includes 1) systemizing their product launch and 2) marketing their products to achieve visibility and market traction. So, we are not just another marketing agency.

"What's the average and largest project team you have managed?"

The average size of our project team has been 5. Bigger projects include a digital marketing project with 25 and a BPO project with 1500 resources.

"What's your pricing for digital marketing?"

We work on project and hourly basis, depending upon the project size and requirements. However, the pricing varies as per the type of assistance required. Please share your project details and we will get back to you.

"Do you work on comission?"

No, our services are exclusively project or hourly based.