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IT Product Development

Your software is not your product, your Product is the software that sells. Webkola Solutions writes & builds software products that sell.

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IT Product Launch

Many software products get stuck in development and never get launched. Webkola resolves this problem with 100% success.

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IT Product Marketing

Your mobile or web app needs correct marketing strategy, effective communication & targeted visibility to succeed. Webkola does that for you.

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Top Questions Asked

"Your website says $5M for clients. Is it real?"

Yes! We have done this for the companies we have served globally. It’s not fake neither it is a joke. Our management team has worked with over 500 businesses and they have produced awesome results for awesome business ideas.

"How did you do that? It sounds fabulous if it's true!"

Dear (client), thank you for a great comment! We did that by marketing fabulous business and product ideas. We strongly believe that marketers are not magicians but successful entrepreneurs are! So, all we have done is promoting great business ideas in the smartest way!

"How do you handle cultural gap?"

We follow a unique consulting practice that takes care of all possible gaps. In short, instead of “trying” everything by ourselves, we collaborate with entrepreneurs to get a great marketing message through.

"You have a great website! Can you make a copy for me?"

Thanks for the appreciation (client) ! Actually, what you are asking for is having a great website for your own business – not a copy of ours. 🙂 Yes, we can do a great website for you as it’s the “originality in thinking” that produces something original.

"Where are you located?"

We have our headquarters in Dubai and a back-office in Lahore.