We would like to share here the 3 tested ways that have helped our clients increase sales.

1. CRM for Repeats

Every business has a customer base consisting of customers who have bought the company service/s or product/s once or more. This customer base is the best target audience for your business to market to because 1) they already know your company/brand, 2) they have had some experience with your company (and you always have a chance to offer better customer experience, in case), 3) the cost of marketing to your customer base is cheaper than the cost of getting new customers. Now the question is how to draw maximum advantage from your customer base? It can be done by employing a marketing strategy known as Customer Relationship Marketing. Please spend some time on exploring this strategy in case since there is lots of information available over internet. However, using a CRM Software is the best way to implement your CRM Strategy. The most important thing that you need to understand here is you must have a CRM Strategy for a successful CRM Software implementation. With correct strategy and implementation you can push targeted offers to specific segments of your customer base to encourage them to buy more (repeat sales).

2. Google AdWords for New Customers

Let’s cut down the clutter filling up the digital marketing realm over the internet, Reverse Marketing (where the buyers look for sellers – opposite to traditional marketing) is the most attractive and most effective of all the marketing methods available over the internet. Search Engine is the place where the reverse marketing phenomenon is experienced and Google being the biggest search engine in the world Google AdWords is the best way to attract new customers fast. Good old days when the Search Engine Optimization was simple and easy. But the recent updates from Google have made it a lot more complex and uncertain. So, excluding SEO which can be a long term strategy for reverse marketing, Google AdWords is the fastest and most widely used reverse marketing method available today. However, alongside Google AdWords, you must have effective website design, contents, sales funnels and tracking to make sure you convert a good ratio of your website traffic to sales/inquiries or pull rest of them into your sales funnels, at the least.

3. Back-office Team for Growth

As we all know, the world is continuously becoming a smaller place. Developments in communication technologies, globalization and outsourcing have enabled businesses to hire cheap and sell more to a wider demography. Even local businesses can take advantage of low hourly rates offered by subject matter experts from across the world. However the challenge for small businesses is to find the right mix of expertise and rates where a quality service is delivered for every dollar spent. So, a competent and cost-effective marketing service can assist businesses to 1) maximize their marketing ROI for paid marketing and tools like Google AdWords, CRM, etc, 2) take advantage of free marketing opportunities like blogs, social media, etc. 3) build up a strong brand presence over the internet to reach to an extended target audience to inspire them and to win more customers long-term. We took this idea and did an experiment that provided us with great results and insights. Here, we would like to share a project case study (short version) with our blog readers to further understand the idea of cost-effective marketing.


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