B2B/B2C Custom Marketplace Development Services

Webkola is a leading custom ecommerce marketplace development company having launched its own marketplace products as well as having delivered complex client projects with success. Our web development team includes seasoned developers who have15+ years of professional experience with expertise in B2B & B2C custom ecommerce marketplace development. Our team has delivered dozens of ecommerce projects including custom marketplaces, WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento ecommerce websites. We follow Chalers Kepners’ unique decision making approach to help our clients build marketplaces that they have envisioned with distinction – not the ones that can be categorized as a mere imitation of some randoom market player. We do understand the complexity of such projects, as we have done that for our company as well as for clients, so we handle that in a systematic fashion, to deliver your project with success. We follow Agile/SCRUM process to handle complex projects to ensure quality, security, flexibility and scalability.

Custom Marketplace Development Process & Expertise

Marketplace Concept

We take our time to understand and document your product concept since this articulation becomes critical for team alignment and project tracking in the development stage.

Technology Stack

Our technical experts assist you to select best suitable technology stack for your product. We can build your site with LAMP, MEAN, MERN, MEVN, Magento & AWS platforms.

Features Backlog

Your assigned project manager manages features backlog for your project. S/he will assist you on selecting and prioritizing product features for the development team.

Design & Development

Our software development team designs and develops your product features and user interface. You can check status with your project manager on daily basis and weekly basis.

Testing & Deployment

Testing and QA is an integral part of our development process. We do unit, integration, system, interface, regression, and beta testing before deployment.

Launch & Marketing

We can assist you with your marketplace product launch and marketing. This helps you manage your project from a single control panel with proficiency and flexibility.

Marketplace Strategy

Our marketplace experts work with you to explore market opportunities and formulate product & marketing strategy at early stage to better understand your users & competition.

Instances & Hosting

Our technical projects assist you on instance and hosting setup. You may want to have product, testing & development instances separately. We can guide you on hosting as well.

Sprint Management

Your assigned project manager will manage sprints based on your assigned and prioritized features. S/he will ensure that we build your product in accordance with your plans.

Version Control & Release Management

Being the backbone of complex projects, we make sure that we have managed all the code with version control. We plan your product-releases in accordance with your plans.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Once your product is live, we can provide you with support for technical maintenance and upgrades. Our dedicated technical support empowers you to scale your product.

Revamp & Migration Services

If you already have a custom built marketplace that you would like to get revamped or migrated to an advanced technology platform, we will do that for you with passion.

Technology Platforms

We partner with some of the best technology platforms to deliver excellence.

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