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Webkola offers two engagement models to let you choose from, based on your preference or your project requirements. First, we have ‘Project-based’ engagement model which is best for small size, less complex, clear-scope software projects. Second, we offer ‘Back-office’ engagement model which is best for large size, more complex, release-based IT-product development projects. However, whatever model you may select, we make sure that every project is delivered with quality, security and cost-effectiveness. Following are the detailed descriptions for both engagement models.

Engagement Models @Webkola

Project-based: Fixed Time & Cost

‘Project-based’ engagement model is best for small size software projects. This model enables you to block the time and cost of your project since the project scope is defined and documented well before the project commencement. We give you scheduled start and end dates for your project along with project milestones, right before project kick-off, to let both parties monitor the progress. The payment is requested partly in advance, for the kick-off, and then in installments following each milestone till the last one, which is your final approval for deployment usually.

Back-office: Continuous Support

‘Back-office’ engagement model is best for large size product development projects because it offers continuous support to manage the complexity and successful delivery of such projects. Because of their complexity, IT-products are built in several releases/versions and it makes absolute business sense to start the launch and promotion as soon as a stable release is available. Start promoting earlier enables you to cut-down time-to-market and start building revenue stream earlier. This model enables you to manage product build, launch and promotion in parallel.

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