Our approach stems from learning more and more about client business.


We think to strategize and plan to achieve goals. We think for your business.


We deliver by collaborating with the right people for the job, to bring you results.

Product Launch @Webkola!


Starting with product assessment, we learn about your product concept, market, competition and status.

Many product initiatives fail because they never get into ready-state… stuck into conceptualization, design or development phases. @Webkola! we take your products through these phases with miraculous speed! We do this by systemizing your product launch.


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During strategic alignment, we assist you on getting your product in alignment with your market and strategy.

You must have built a great strategy… all great minds do that! However, executing a strategy with success is not easy. @Webkola, with our years-rich experience of product marketing, we help you do that with 100% success.


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While launch planning, we think of and suggest the right mix of things required for your product launch.

Beyond standard process, every product launch has its own product management and marketing challenges to take care of. Either you take Crowdfunding or Web/App Marketing route to launch your product,  Webkola streamlines everything for a successful product launch.


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During prelaunch, we collaborate to design, develop and promote your product message to your prospective customers.

Testing the waters is absolutely required for developing an effective marketing communication along with strong web presence. Here, we provide you with creative designing and marketing communication assistance to help carve your message effectively.


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post launch

In postlaunch marketing, we advance our collaboration to take your product to every customer you would like to go to!

Let’s make every customer hear that you are live! Let’s see the ball rolling! Let’s serve the customers checking in! Let’s watch the competitors noticing! Let’s hear the bells ringing! Enjoy your product launch with WEBKOLA!


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100+ Products Launched

40+ IT Products Launched

50+ Design & Tech Products Launched

100plus products launched

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Launch Questions Asked

"Could you explain "world's smartest prodcut launch" phrase?"

Dear (client), not only that but Webkola is “the smartest product marketing company in the world!”. 🙂 And the reason for that is we help our clients 1) launch products quickly and 2) get quick market response, without “wasting” their time and money!

"How will you make our product launch successful?"

This question has a long background. In short, we will make your product launch successful by using our “systemized product launch” approach. We have built our unique approach while assisting over 100 product launches.

"We are stuck in development phase, can you do some help?"

Yes. We have resolved such scenarios where the management found it very hard to push their IT products through development. We helped them launch their products with 100% success. We can assist you as well.

"What do you do in pre-launch phase?"

We can do two things during pre-launch and you can make choice! We can 1) Test your product and 2) Get your product / web ready with marketing materials. We recommend doing both but we are flexible to follow your choice.

"What do you charge for your services?"

The service fee varies, depending on each project. Please share your project scenario with us and we will provide you with pricing beforehand.