SugarCRM Implementation & Customization Services

Webkola is a leading SugarCRM implementation and customization company with expertise in enterprise-level SugarCRM development. We have SugarCRM experts who have been working on this platform for almost 8 years. We deliver client projects with Charles Kepner’s unique decision making approach to hep resolve SugarCRM issues in the most strategic manner and to build CRM systems in alignment with your strategic needs so that the system we build works long-term and is scalabale as well. Therefore, we work closely with you/your business management in the initial stage, for clarity and alignment and thereafter, when we have built the knowledge-base, we take the lead and set you free to focus on the business. We also have expertise in Information Technology Root-cause Analysis to help you resolve presumably complex SugarCRM problems in the most systematic fashion. We deliver SugarCRM projects with Agile/SCRUM development process for agility, quality and flexibility.

CRM Implementation Expertise @Webkola

Sales Automation

Webkola offers CRM implementation & customization for PerfexCRM, vTigerCRM, SugarCRM, InfusionsoftCRM, and SalesfoceCRM platforms. We can help you improve and automate your sales process for increased sales efficiency. However, we do that by understanding your sales process, suggesting improvements, and customizing your selected CRM platform as per your desired/improved sales process needs. This helps you use your CRM platform to the best.

Contacts Management & Segmentation

We improve your business contacts management including your customers, employees and partners. We can help you on segmentation to better address your marketing needs.

Leads Management & Funnel Tracking

This being the core functionality of any CRM system, our experts deliver you a streamlined and optimized sales funnel system to provide you with better leads conversion.

Products Management & Sales Tracking

If you are selling products, online or offline or both, we setup your CRM system for better product management and sales tracking. This gives you product performances and trends.

Projects Management for Service Delivery

If you are selling services, online or offline or both, we setup your CRM to help you deliver your client commitments with quality and efficiency. You can invite clients to see progress.

Quotations, Invoicing & Payments

We can setup your CRM to build quotations, convert them to invoices on customer acceptance, send invoices to clients and keep track of payments and send emails for due money!

Customer Support Management

We can setup your CRM system to help you manage your customer support including support staff, creating tickets, private notes, autoresponse, attachments, replies, etc.

Reporting & Dashboards

We can build customized dashboards and reports to help you better understand your business performance and make informed decisions. We customize CRMs as per your needs.

Marketing Automation

Webkola offers a unique marketing automation service using your selected CRM platform. Our CRM experts can integrate your marketing automation system with your CRM, or can customize your CRM to provide you with an awesome marketing automation system, to provide you with a unified marketing & sales management control panel leveraged with CRM automation. We have done that for our company as well as for some clients. We can do that for you as well.

Website Integration

We integrate your business and ecommerce websites with your selected CRM to provide you with better lead and order management for higher lead conversion and sales.

Email & Follow-up Marketing

We customize your CRM to help you with email marketing and, taking it to the next level, with customer follow-ups marketing. This helps in improving conversions & repeats.

Social Media Integration

We integrate your business and sales team social media with your CRM to let you generate and track leads from social media, promote & track products, persons & pages.

SMS Marketing & 2-way Communication

We can setup your CRM to send automated marketing messages through SMS, directly to customer mobile phone. We can also integrate CRM for 2-way SMS communication.

Business Process Automation

You might wonder but you can literally fully automate your business processes using a customizable CRM system. We have done it with passion and we can do that again, for you!

Artificial Intelligence Augmentation

Augmenting AI to your CRM automation means innovation. It enables you to get ahead of your competition and gives you the opportunity to lead your industry. We can assist you.

Systems Integration & Customization

Webkola's CRM implementation team has got extensive experience to help you integrate, customize and extend your CRM system in accordance with your business growth.

Technology Platforms

We partner with some of the best technology platforms to deliver excellence.

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